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Promotional Images

What are they?

These sessions are meant to be for promotional material for your horse. These can include images for sale ads, stallion ads, stallion pages, and show pages to name a few. It has been proven that the quality of images directly influences buyers. 

Pricing and Information

Session Fee: $250

Includes up to 40 minute session

Appropriate for one horse

yp to 3 conformation images, up to 3 performance images

Includes travel up to 20 miles, additional is $0.75 per mile (round trip)

Black Background Portraits may be requested for an additional fee of $65 for 1 image

Stallion Ads

Session Fee: $350

Includes 45 minute session and editing time

Appropriate for one horse

Custom advertisement using images captured during session

Images can include: conformation, performance, up to 1 black background portrait


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